POS Scan Data

For retailers, POS scan data is the most important data source for inventory management. Retailers utilizing their POS scan data are using technology and information to “listen” to their customers. Category management, powered by your POS scan data, will benefit your purchasing and marketing efforts.

In certain industries, POS Scan Data Reporting Programs are available to allow retailers who choose to share their transaction-level scan data to earn incentives for meeting certain reporting requirements. For example, both Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds Tobacco offer potentially lucrative POS Scan Data Programs, with cash incentives to participating retailers. These companies rely on POS scan data for many reasons. It allows the manufacturers to better understand sales and more effectively manage their inventory process. It is also used to validate promotion participation, quantify Loyalty programs, and pricing opportunities. These benefits are also available to the retailer, because it is their data.

Bailey POS offers POS Scan Data services for retail POS Systems. We work with you to uncover your requirements, or in the case of POS Scan Data Reporting Programs such as RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris to help you understand their requirements. Our services include data testing and validation, and a highly-detailed quality assurance program.
The POS scan data solution is yours. There are no monthly fees, and we do not complicate your PCI requirements with unattended remote connection to your data.
Retailer scanned sales data can provide compelling insights. Scanned sales data allows for powerful, flexible analysis, including in-depth profit, promotion, pricing and assortment analysis, and shopping basket and loyalty analysis.
The Altria Scan Data Reporting Solution is a one-time charge of $600. This includes the report, training, and support. There are no additional charges or monthly fees. The RJR/MSA Scan Data Reporting Solution is also available.
If you need POS scan data services for your point-of-sale, or if you are looking for a new point-of-sale solution with scan data services, please contact us.