Technical Support

We are here to help resolve your incidents quicker. Our remote access support enables us to quickly diagnose and solve incidents.

In addition to solving your incidents faster, setting up a remote connection between your company and J Bailey & Company will also allow you to receive services, such as training, report-writing, and software upgrades.


Microsoft RMS Headquarters


Microsoft RMS Store Operations


Microsoft RMS Reports


Experience Counts

We have worked extensively with Microsoft Dynamics RMS since 2003, with retailers and consultants, and invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements.



Two-Way Screen Sharing
Using secure and reliable Remote Support for immediate technical support, we can quickly deliver fast, live support and technical assistance. Both you and our IT technician can share screens to trouble-shoot and quickly provide answers, perform RMS Technical Support tasks, and provide ad-hoc training.

Qualified Integrator and Reseller
J Bailey Company has been qualified by PCI DSS as a Qualified Integrator and Reseller Company (QIR Company) to implement, configure and/or support PA-DSS validated Payment Applications on behalf of merchants or service providers for purposes of performing Qualified Installations as part of the QIR Program.