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Custom RMS Reports and Custom RMS Report Writing




Custom RMS Report Writing

Customized Microsoft Dynamics RMS reports can provide valuable insight into your retail business. These are reports designed to meet your unique requirements. J Bailey & Company can create custom RMS reports including sales, customer, item movement, and other custom analysis reports. Custom Reports can extract the information you need to maximize the value of your Microsoft RMS software investment. We work with both Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters and RMS Store Operations.

You have the information you need – it is right in the POS. You just need to pull it together in a way that makes sense and answers your question(s).

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Custom Scan Data Reporting

Some retailers are required to submit transaction and transaction-level (scan data) from Microsoft Dynamics RMS to manufacturers to qualify for discounts. We can assist with complicated reporting requirements, such as the Altria Group Distribution Company’s PM USA Scan Data Retail Reporting Requirements. SAMPLE SCAN DATA REQUIREMENTS. We can export the data in your required format, and automate the daily collection of scan data from store’s systems. More.

Write Your Own Custom RMS Reports

If you prefer to write your own custom RMS reports, here are some tips:

Our approach is to start with an example, a “mock-up” of the report, usually in Microsoft Excel. We use the “mock-up” to clarify what the report should “look like”. We include in the Excel spreadsheet our notes on any filters, parameters, and/or formulas.

Once you know what information is required, then identify the database necessary database tables. We recommend Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio for exploring the SQL Server database. SQL Server Management Studio is a free download that provides a rich environment for viewing the database. You can browse tables, keys, etc. Once you identify the tables and columns, then update your Excel spreadsheet with the information. This will help you with your table joins.

SQL Queries

So you know what database tables are involved, and now the query can be written and tested. We recommend that you write your custom report against a SQL View. Using a SQL View will simplify your report writing, because the tables are already joined in the SQL View. With a SQL View you can pre-aggregate the data. Pre-aggregated data allows a significantly more flexible report. SQL Views allow new reports to be written by users with no knowledge of SQL. You can also use the SQL View to apply security so users will see only the data they are permitted to access.

Whether or not you use a SQL View, you will be using some type of a SQL SELECT query to draw a result set for the report.

Custom RMS Reports Library

We can also modify the existing RMS reports, receipts, and purchase orders. Our large library of previously modified reports and receipts allows us to provide fast and economical solutions for your requirements. Go to Reports Library.


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