Why WorldPay Integrated Payments is right for your business

Integrated payments, which is credit card processing integrated with your point of sale system, enables the retailer’s payment processing, accounting, and customer relationship management to work together. The payment device, such as the VX805, is connected to the point of sale and speeds the transaction because of fewer steps are needed to complete the transaction.



But there are many more reasons to implement integrated payments into your point of sale system.

Speed Faster transactions shorten lines and keep customers happy. Running one transaction at the POS is faster than using both a terminal and a separate POS.

Accuracy Fewer errors and chargebacks improve profitability. Keep customers happy and avoid chargebacks by reducing duplicate transaction input errors and the risk of incorrectly entered amounts.



Save Money Easier reconciliation saves your time, and wages. Reduce duplicate accounting effort . There’s no need to match reports from the separate payment terminal and the POS.

Secure payment tools From chip card acceptance to point-to-point encryption to tokenization, integrated payments offers tools to help combat fraud and help protect your customers’ data as well as your business.


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