Flexible remote and on-site Microsoft Dynamics RMS Training by Jonathan Bailey

I specialize in coming on-site and teaching students Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters and Store Operations using their own data (or sample data). Depending on your location, an on-site Microsoft Dynamics RMS Training class can is an inexpensive cost less than sending 4 people to a public class. So, if you can set up a training space, and if you have 4 or more people, this is the way to go. Even smaller groups can benefit from learning Crystal Reports in their own data environment.

Onsite Classes

I will come on-site and teach students using their own data (or sample data), throughout the United States, Caribbean, and Canada. On-site classes are charged per day, not per student.  There are many advantages to onsite training, such as to eliminate travel and lodging expenses for employees. Without ever leaving the building, staff can gain new skills, boost their confidence, and improve their productivity.
One of the biggest benefits is the ability to be trained in an environment that is familiar.  Many studies have shown that people who are trained in a familiar environment learn better than those who are in an unfamiliar environment.  When you are able to learn in a familiar environment the trainee will be better able to focus on the new material instead of their surroundings.In addition, having training onsite is preferential because of the cost savings.  Instead of paying to send people to receive training elsewhere, retailers are choosing to train onsite because it saves a lot of money.  It s is usually much more affordable to pay for onsite training rather than paying for several people to travel.It can be beneficial for the entire staff of teams of staff members to be trained together.  This will allow the employees to work together to solve problems or discuss concerns.  The employees will feel more comfortable with one another and the new information when they learn together.  Onsite training is often preferable to many corporations because they are able to customize the learning experience.

Individual Instruction

If you are the only student who needs training on Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Headquarters or Store Operations), consider my Online Training Program.

For more information call my office at (228) 348-1719.